Temporary spray paint booth

A dutiful desk gets a new life  July 21, 2012 – 10:03 am
Temporary Tattoo Today I'll show you one more project related to the office spruce up. It's not the last thing that needs to be done in the room but I've come to a fairly natural stopping point and anything else I decide to do in there after this is just gravy.
If you've been following along with this project, you'll recall that keeping the whole effort on a shoestring budget was important to being able to do it at all and this project certainly speaks to that.
The cabinets were certainly the ugliest beast in this room but the desk was no looker either and it looked even worse once I got the cabinets freshened up with some paint. The desk was another laminate wonder, but I really liked how it functioned. I like desks with a privacy panel (I rarely wear skirts but I'm not very good at sitting in a ladylike manner all day) and you don't find those much anymore. Also, buying a new desk, even a relatively affordable one, would have been a budget buster. So you know what I did next. Yep. Spray paint. I'm getting predictable.
Painting it outside was not an option given that it was the middle of winter so I had to get a bit

Source: The Impatient Gardener

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Giani Granite FG-GI SICILIAN Sicilian Granite Paint Kit For Countertops, Sicilian Sand
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CabotStain 12 Oz Black Granite Stone Spray Paint [Set of 6]
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  • Creates the natural look and feel of stone
  • Apply to most surfaces including wood, metal, plaster, clay or unglazed ceramic
  • Adhesive formula provides a long lasting decorative finish
  • Indoor use only
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ColorRite 933 Granite Grey Metallic Touch-Up Paint Pen for BMW R 1200 R
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    I can only use recycled materials, but i still want it to be fun and interactive. i plan to give away temporary tattoos and allow winners to use our mini salon of face paint and temporary spray-on hair dye-- but i m not sure how people can actually win the use of our mini salon. please help :)

    • I agree or you could play that one game where people try to toss a ping pong in the little dish floating in water (it can be recycled water if you are gonna go all the way with this idea lol) oh yeah and you could make the dishes out of floating soda caps and the balls out of newspaper

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    • I don t live anywhere near you, but is there any festivals or the like near you? You could try getting into one of those to do your air-brushing. Theres a music festival that goes on near me, and theres lots of people getting fake tattoos done =)